David Avrin, Brand Consultant and author of Visibility Marketing (2106 Career Press)

There is a clear and simple way for disgraced Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte to salvage what’s left of his reputation, though there is little chance that he will do it.

Lochte needs to get on a plane this weekend and return to Brazil to face a judge. Famous for his quote: “If you are a man at night, you need to be a man in the morning,” Lochte has been provided a golden opportunity to live up to his questionable maxim. It would be the smartest possible investment in his brand — though he’s not known for making smart decisions.

As the fallout from his drunken night and concocted story has dragged on, it’s only been exacerbated by the agonizing trickle of additional truth that has seeped-out each day. The fact that he eventually comes clean a week later stands in stark contrast to the lies he doubled-down on.

We Americans can be a forgiving lot, but only when presented with honesty, humility and authentic contrition. That can only be found in front of a judge back in Rio.

There is a famous scene in the Will Smith movie Hancock, where Jason Bateman’s PR character tells the “superhero” that he has to go to jail to show people that he is really sorry and not above the law. He doesn’t have to take his medicine. He wisely chooses to.


Ryan Lochte has to go to jail, or at the very least face a judge and accept whatever punishment is dolled out. It won’t likely be severe, given the nature of the crime, but Brazil needs to save face and Lochte needs to save his career and reputation.

Hey Ryan, rip off bandaid. Man-up and get on a plane.

David Avrin is the author the new release: Visibility Marketing (2016 Career Press) Avrin is a popular business speaker, brand consultant and executive coach. Learn more at http://www.VisibilityInternational.com

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