Despite the claims of many in the marketing/branding world, effective message and differentiation is more of an art than science — and lets be honest here — not everyone is an artist. Even highly-paid marketing “experts” too often get paid handsomely for creating crappy campaigns. Clients are suckered into buying the crap, because there was a “process” involved in its creation.

A big city integrated marketing agency just sent out a long announcement of their own rebranding. The email blast was not only to spread the word of the newly updated identity (good strategy) but also to highlight their own extensive process in creating the brand. The new logo looks fine, but the justification for it was nonsensical. Sorry. Did I say “nonsensical?” What I meant was crap.

Intended to demonstrate the long, strategic “process” involved in crafting the new imagery, and the deep thinking that went into it, what they really succeeded in doing is showing everyone how they justify charging a fortune for a process that should take 1/10th the time and cost 1/10th the money. But with a big staff and expensive offices, they have to pretend that its very very complicated. Coming up with highfalutin process charts and meaningless analytics, I found myself, not being impressed by their deep-dive, but getting angry at their endless B.S.

Confusing brand

“A circle evokes values like unity, harmony, community and movement. A triangle evokes stability action and purpose. The small white space signaled the company’s “openness to new ideas” the angled lines showed their “strength and resilience”…and so on.  Complete and utter nonsense. Honestly, I can’t even remember exactly how they described every line, color and shape because my eyes started to bleed. The worst part, is that they likely believe the garbage that is coming out of their mouths and their brains and they work to make their clients believe it too! Cha ching!

I’m not suggesting that deep thought and research are unimportant. They can certainly be very valuable in crafting your messages. But to focus attention on meaningly metrics and fake analytical gobbledegook to position your company or products as a better choice that those of your competitors, give all of us in the marketing world a bad name.

By the way, this article is intentionally 6 paragraphs long because, people feel comfortable with the number six and love to buy and consume 6 cans of soda in a six-pack. And since soda is refreshing, my candor will be seen as a refreshing change from other business marketing speakers and cause people to remember me as being effervescent and satisfying… so I can charge 6 times more than other high quality speakers. Yeah…right.

Business Marketing Keynote Speaker David Avrin, CSP is known internationally as the Visibility Coach. An in-demand speaker, consultant and executive coach, David is also the author of the popular business book: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You! and his latest: Visibility Marketing. Learn more and watch a preview video at

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