I was having a debate with my kids the other night. Who is the bigger idiot: The ad agency that created the television commercial for America’s Best Eyewear featuring an owl saying “Who?” or the execs at America’s Best who “green lighted” millions of dollars for the stupid campaign.

I am dumbfounded, not simply by the slew of horrible TV ads today, but that a string of actual adults, paid professionals said “yes” at each stage of the approval process -including allocating funds to produce and air terrible, boring, forgettable and overdone marketing approaches.

The America’s Best Eyewear’s TV spot featuring an owl asking “Who?” is not unique in its misfire, but is a prime example of wasted dollars and an embarrassing attempt at overdone, 2nd grade humor. In fact, owls saying “Who?” wasn’t funny when it was first used a hundred years ago, and hasn’t been funny the thousands of times it has been attempted since. Owl

And while we are on the subject of overused approaches…How about using the sound of different parts of an orchestra to illustrate the different elements of your business, but when you put them all together..beautiful music! Been done – thousand times.

To be fair, there are some bold approaches that don’t always work, but these ads and campaigns are envisioned and crafted by people actually working for the dollars they are being paid! Overused approaches are lazy. Restaurants telling us that they use “the freshest ingredients” is lazy. Businesses telling us that “our customers come first” is lazy. Financial planners claiming that “we really listen to our customer” is lazy.

Does it take time, effort and real creativity to find unique approaches to promoting and differentiating your business? Sure it does! But what’s the point of working your ass off in your business, if you are just going to be half-assed in your marketing?

Or, you could just be lazy.

David Avrin, CSP speaks internationally on strategic business marketing and branding. His signature keynote: Winning in Business When Everyone is Good, helps organizations, entrepreneurs, sales professionals,  employees and business owners gain meaningful competitive advantage. He is also the author of the popular: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You! Learn more at http://www.VisibilityInternational.com

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